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7 reasons why YOU should take the plunge and hire a social media manager

The COVID-19 pandemic has played a pivotal role in how customers now engage with their favourite businesses, with research from Klarna and Retail Economics finding that 71% of British consumers are reluctant to shop in store in the lead up to Christmas, and 56% saying they expect to do more online shopping this year.

Affordable and effective, social media is one of the only platforms where small businesses are not pushed to the side lines by larger corporations, however it requires more than just a hashtag and the occasional GIF if you want to pave the way as a tech-savvy, frontrunner in your industry. Social media managers are whizzes when it comes to organically growing your brand, keeping on top of trends and generating infinite leads, so why not leave it to the experts and invest your time wisely?

1 - We know that now is the time to grab the bull by the horns and go online, with e-commerce profits surging in recent months. 45% of the population are daily social media users, so your potential reach spans across the globe. You wouldn’t scrimp on an accounts team, so centralising social media within your marketing strategy by hiring the experts should be a no brainer.

2 - Anybody can tap ‘Instagram’ into their browser and create a business page, but without a social media strategy, there is no baseline to measure your success. It’s key to work with a social media manager to establish goals, and evaluate what types of content and engagement will catapult your business there. Each post should come with a clear vision – is your content is meaningful? Does it add any value? Does it shed light on your business? Does it reflect your business practice in the best possible way?

3 - Wishing there were more hours in the day is an outlook which comes with owning a small business, however hiring a social media manager frees up your time so it can be better spent elsewhere. It may be cheaper to tackle the world of social media on your own, but it’s a priceless investment. Done correctly, social media should be a full-time job in itself, making note of analytics, scheduling posts, researching into trends, and that’s before even producing the content. On Facebook alone, businesses should share posts almost every day, Instagram and Twitter up to three times per day, and a weekly YouTube video.

4 - A social media manager can create a solid brand awareness for your business, and establish your place at the forefront of your industry. Social media managers are experts at knowing what type of content is valued by your audience through dissecting analytics, helping you gain loyal followers and found a position of trust.

5 – It’s all well and good posting eye-catching and professional content, but how will you know if it’s working? Social media managers are specialists when it comes to analytics. From what type of content to post, to what time of the day guarantees maximum exposure, to what days of the week you receive the most followers (and importantly, why!), your social media manager can give you the breakdown you need to understand your customer base, and how to capitalise on that.

6 – Responding to customers in a timely manner can determine whether or not they make the sale, so hiring a knowledgeable social media manager who can respond to messages using your house style will reduce a huge proportion of your workload. The initial contact between your company and the customer sets the tone, and with only 23% of businesses responding to Facebook messages, and 30% on Twitter, it’s an easy way to stand out from the competition.

7 – The social landscape is forever changing, so having a dedicated team on board who are always up-to-date with any deviations will be a saving grace. With the emergence of new platforms, such as TikTok which has erupted during the pandemic, it’s so important your business does not get left behind as the social sphere moves on. A social media manager will be able to keep you at the top of the algorithm (and therefore, on top of your competition), ensure your social presence adapts in the face of new trends and guarantee your strategy remains current by forecasting any upcoming changes or events.

Still unsure how social media can help your business? Let me help.

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