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Creating content on social media

Social media, love it or hate it, it’s pretty much a must these days if you want to grow your business and reach new clients.

According to Facebook, three million businesses actively advertise on Facebook. That's three million companies from all over the world!

That’s a shed load of other businesses in your area, expertise and social platforms that you’re competing with, so it’s important that your pages and content stand out!

And whilst we all love referrals from previous customers, a report from GWI stated that over 55% of potential buyers will use a social media platform to research their product of a business. So if your business isn’t on social media, you could be seriously missing out!

In todays post I’m going to give you three different ways to make your content stand out from the rest.

Develop a strategy

Sometimes, winging it is fun…however, that doesn’t always pay off when it comes to your social media! Having a good social media strategy in place will ensure that your social media efforts will pay off (and you’re not putting all that hard work into nothing!)

Putting a strategy together includes outlining your business goals, so that you can work backwards to create posts which reinforce them. You’ll also want to outline your social media goals (and track them) so you have something to work towards and something to compare your results against later on

Invest in a good image creation app

Creating the images to go with your kick ass written content doesn’t have to be difficult. But they do have to be eye catching! Think back to your last scroll down your Instagram feed, which images jumped out at you and made you stop and read? Can you think of any?

Mindless scrolling is something everyone does, so to get your posts seen, you need to combat that by having an eye catching, scroll stopping images.

There’s plenty of apps out there to create amazing social media images, my favourite is Canva (I pay for Pro so I get the additional features), but there’s so many others out there as well, so download a couple, try them all out and see which you prefer!

A top tip here, make sure your images aren’t too wordy, keep them simple but relevant to your content. Don’t shove all your content onto the image, make people visit your page or read the rest of the caption!

Listen to what your followers are saying

Now stick with me on this one, but when you create your content, do you actually think about what your follower might want to hear? Or do you just post what you want? Let me elaborate, you’re putting together a new book case, you get the YouTube video up and rather than actually showing you how to put the bookcase together, it bangs on for 5 minutes about how to use a screwdriver…well you know how to use a screwdriver so you switch off…

That could be happening to your followers if you’re not giving them the content they actually want.

If you’re not sure what they want to hear, ask them! Put a post out or use your stories to gather that information from your followers, or speak to your existing clients, look through your emails & messages at what questions you’ve been asked previously. The options are endless.

So keep your ear to the ground, listen to your followers and watch your content interaction go up!

I could go on, but I won’t because if you’re anything like me, you just want burst’s of information rather than war & peace. But if you take anything away from this piece let it be this, nail down your message, nail down your social media platforms & listen to your followers…and you can’t go wrong.

If you’re still unsure or just simply can’t be arsed…get in touch via a direct message or contacting me on my website ( and lets talk about how I can help you nail down your social media content.

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