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Why Hiring A Virtual Assistant Will Save You Time – And Your Sanity!

In a time where many of us are making a temporary or permanent switch to working from home, we may find ourselves dealing with some new roadblocks. Without colleagues who may have once been able to help us with our admin and other work in a traditional office environment, we may be struggling to stay organised and on top of our workload. So, what do we do about it? Attempt to manage it ourselves, leading to further difficulties and perhaps a drop in our overall productivity? Or do we outsource it to a third-party virtual assistant, who can help us with our admin and organisational tasks both remotely and efficiently? It’s obvious which one makes more sense.

Here’s a few reasons why hiring yourself a virtual assistant will save you time, effort and, in the long run, your sanity!

You Can Prioritise The Tasks That Matter Most To You

With a virtual assistant taking care of things such as making appointments, taking phone calls, organising email correspondences, and other tasks that would otherwise be stopping you from getting to other more important things, you’ll have more time to prioritise the items on your to-do list that are the most important. You may think it takes you just five minutes a time to handle some of these smaller pieces of admin, but those minutes start to add up! Save them by handing them over to someone else, who can take care of them for you, leaving you to get on with the things that matter most to you and your business.

Customise Your Service To Work For You

No assistant will be one-size-fits-all. Each business manager will have different needs and priorities, and tasks will vary according to a number of different factors. Luckily, your virtual assistant can work with you to figure out what tasks they’ll need to take care of, and you can adjust their responsibilities depending on what you need at the time. A virtual assistant, like any other in-office assistant, is tailored to you and your business’ needs.

Perhaps you need someone who can handle your admin tasks, but also manage your social media, or communicate with clients on your behalf. Whatever your needs, you’re sure to be able to find a virtual assistant who works for you perfectly, with the general and speciality skills that you are looking for. By being able to outsource your work to a virtual assistant from anywhere in the world, you have a much wider range of skill-sets and specialities of knowledge to choose from – you’re bound to find the perfect assistant for you and your business.

Your Virtual Assistant Knows What They’re Doing

Many of those who now work as virtual assistants have worked in a variety of in-office roles in the past, such as in office management or administrative roles, so have the experience necessary to provide you with an efficient and successful service. They are generally proficient with technology, great with organization, and know exactly how to communicate with clients or customers in a professional way, upholding the reputation of you and your business.

By hiring a virtual assistant, it’s much easier to ensure you’re getting the exact kind of expertise that you’re looking for, as you can specify your experience and knowledge needs when looking to recruit your assistant – so you know that the sort of assistants getting in touch are the exact sort of assistant that you’re looking for.

A Virtual Assistant Is More Cost-Effective

While hiring a traditional in-office assistant often means paying a staff member a wage to work with you full-time, a virtual assistant will offer you the flexibility and freedom of choice to tailor their service to your needs. If your needs are only enough to require a part-time assistant, then there will be a virtual assistant who can do that for you. If you do need a full-time assistant, you could find that a virtual assistant will still be more cost effective and efficient, as you do not need to provide an office space or interview these potential new employees yourself.

With a virtual assistant, you are only paying for the hours of work that you need them to do, rather than paying them a full-time wage, even though some days you may not need as much work from them. For that reason, hiring a virtual assistant can be far more cost-effective, even if you are still working in a traditional office environment.

They Will Help You While You Work From Home

Hiring a virtual assistant will allow you to get the help that you would have needed in an office environment, but whilst you work in the comfort of your own home. Perhaps you’ve just taken to working from home permanently and are worried that this means you now have to take care of all these previously outsourced tasks yourself, leaving you with less time to focus on the more important things within your working day – thankfully, you can still have an assistant, but they will work remotely, just like you.

If working from home is new to you, a virtual assistant can really help make that transition much smoother and easier. Don’t waste time trying to manage your workload in a way that you haven’t needed to before now – you still don’t need to! A virtual assistant can handle that for you, and leave you to adjust to working from home in a way that causes you less stress, and gives you more time to get on with the important stuff.

Should I Hire A Virtual Assistant?

Save your time, save your effort, save your money, and save your stress! If you believe that one or more of the above reasons could benefit you and your business, then it’s well worth taking the plunge, and giving a virtual assistant the chance to show you that they could be the right fit for you – you may just find that you don’t know how you ever went without.

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