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The Mobile Beauty Collective

Do you want to join a community of like minded fellow mobile beauty therapists…without it costing an arm and a leg?

I speak to so many mobile beauty therapists , and they all tell me the same thing. They’re struggling with finding new clients , keeping up to date with their social media and not having a dedicated community just for mobile beauty therapists and they’ve had enough. They want a simple way to get regular bookings, quicker on social media and training and support relevant to the trade, but the just don’t know how. They’re frustrated as hell too, because no matter what they try, nothing seems to work for them.


Take my friend, Julie for example. Last year, Julie was having a horrible time with finding new clients. It was really getting her down. But Julie wasn’t one to sit around feeling sorry for herself. she’d gone out and tried to sort it out herself, things like boosting posts, trying to be more active on social media and even local fates. But guess what? Nothing seemed to work. No matter what she tried, no matter how hard she worked, she just couldn’t get a regular stream of clients. Sure, she managed to get one or two, briefly, but not as many as she had hoped for. She really was getting towards the end of her tether with it. She was starting to wonder if running a business was really for her. Maybe it was just time to call it a day…But then, someone pointed her in my direction!


To start out with, Julie was a bit suspicious. Understandably so. She’d spent so much time, effort and money trying other stuff, she wondered if I was just going offer her more of the same. Then I explained to her that a lot of the information online and on social media is geared to those who work or own salons, so not always relevant to mobile beauty therapists. But there was other more focused information out there. and she decided to have one final shot.


And now 1 year later?

Julie’s life is completely different. Now instead of constantly hunting for clients she has a full waiting list, where she used to struggle to run her business now she runs it like a pro and best of all she is more confident in her business and herself.


Perhaps, Julie’s story sounds familiar to you?

If so, keep reading, cause now I want to tell you about the same thing I told her.


Let me introduce you to:

The Mobile Beauty Collective

When you get your hands on The Mobile Beauty Collective, you will:

· Have access to a dedicated space just for mobile therapists

· Have access to monthly training on a range of topics

· Get fortnightly training & coaching with myself

· Weekly Q&A’s

· Trade discounts

· Accountability groups

· Written guides

· Regular social account audits, ensuring you’re always on top of your game

And as a founding member you can have it today as a founding member for just £17!



A bit about Alicia...


Hi! I’m Alicia, I’m a mum to one, a wife and a dog parent!


In my past career, I spent many years working as a mobile beauty therapist before spending a bit of time in a salon, but you know what, give me mobile beauty work any day!

The Mobile Beauty Collective was born around a year ago after I noticed a huge gap in training and support for mobile therapists like myself.


There's a ton of memberships out there dedicated to those in the beauty trade but I always found them more geared to those who own or work in a salon. And that just wasn't me!

 I needed a membership that was all things mobile beauty...but I couldn't find one, so I decided to make my own!


P.S. I’m also an award winning beauty therapist and internationally published writer, with articles published in both ABT & Scratch magazines!



So what's it going to cost?


Good question!

How does bossing your beauty business for JUST 54p a day sound?

I had to guess, right now you’re wondering what sort of numbers we’re talking about, so let’s take a look shall we?

With The Mobile Beauty Business you get:

Social media support Value £500 per month

Monthly training Value £300 per month

Fortnightly calls with me Value £200 per month

A community of likeminded people Value £ Priceless!

So that’s a total value of £1000 per month if you were to pay someone for their support. 

I think you’ll probably agree, that’s reasonable figure for learning how to find and keep your clients, nailing your social media and having a dedicated community just for your trade.

But, I also know that it might put it slightly out of reach some people, right now. Here’s the thing, I genuinely want to help as many people as I can with this, so that's why I'm offering a founding member launch price for only £17!

When you think about it over 31 days that works out to be just 54p a day or just one set of gel nails a month!

That’s less than you might spend on a take away per week!

Imagine how you’d feel if you could have more clients, a booming social following and professional business advice for that little! 

But you’ll have to move fast on this, The Mobile Beauty Collective founding members price will only be available until Saturday 12th February





Ask yourself if you really want to miss out on professional training, social media support and support from an award winning therapist and experienced business support & digital marketing business owner?


Because right now you’ve got to decide which path you’re going to take.


Path 1 takes you away from this page, and back to doing the

things you already know don’t work. Back to frustration, and struggling with clients and more. And you’ll probably end up back here in a few months time, wondering why you didn’t get involved first time round!

Path 2 though, that is the path to ongoing business support, a dedicated community AND amazing masterclasses. That path that will finally lead you where you want to be. Which path you choose is entirely up to you, so here’s a little reminder of what you get with The Mobile Beauty Collective

· A dedicated, supportive community

· Ongoing coaching and support

· Monthly masterclasses with business experts

· A training hub covering various topics, which is     constantly updated

· Regular social media account audits

· Monthly Q&A sessions about anything related to your business

· Social media training & support

· Instagram templates, updated regularly


Plus LOADS more!

And you can have all this today with just one click, what are you

waiting for?!

But don’t hang around, The Mobile Beauty Collective will only be available at the founding members price until Saturday 12th February – 11PM, after that, we’ll be shutting the doors for a few months.

Because once we get to Sunday 13th February, my focus will shift to making sure I serve the people that come on board to the very best of my ability.


So if you want join our brand new community and an end to being unsure how to run your business for good? Jump in today

The Mobile Beauty Collective FAQ


If you’re anything like me, you get this far down a page like this and you’ve still got a few unanswered questions. So to help, I’ve put together a list of the most common ones I get asked.

“Q. What do I need?”

A. Not much! Just a laptop and an internet connection

and you’ll be away

“Q. But I’m worried I won’t have time to commit to it.”

A. Don’t worry, there are no time limits. You’ll have all

the time you need.

“Q. What’s the cost?”

A. For my founding members, the cost is ONLY £17, after this launch, the cost will go up to the full price of £27

“Q. Am I committed to a contract?"

A. Absolutely not! You can come and go as you please, however if you sign up with the founding member price and then decide to leave, your future sign up will be at full cost.

“Q. What is a founding member?”

A. As this is a new membership, anyone who signs up on this launch will become a founding member, this means you will be with the membership from the very start! Because the membership will be growing based on your needs and feedback week on week, a reduced rate is offered, however after this launch the price will be going up!”



Now you’ve got all the answers the only question remaining is:

“Can I put up with not knowing how to run your business and longer?"

If the answer is ‘Yes’, then there’s not a lot more I can say,

other than ‘good luck.’ I honestly wish you all the best.

But, if the answer is ‘No’ and you’d rather have an organised business, a work/life balance and clients coming out of your ears? Then click the button below to get started. But move quick, like I said this is only available until Saturday 12th January, so if you want to stop just imagining what life could be like with a booming mobile beauty business and make it a reality?

You need to act NOW.


Got further questions? Drop us a message!

Thanks for submitting!